Kitchen Styles & Options

We welcome you to a world of limitless kitchen styles and options. Allow us to turn your imagination into a beautiful kitchen by seamlessly blending style with functionality. Our custom-made domestic and commercial kitchens are crafted to perfection with the highest standards. We use top quality material and only Hettich hardware to make sure your kitchen is built to last. You can choose from an extensive range of designs and applications to suit your taste and budget. From cost-effective solutions to luxurious kitchens, we have the skills to create exactly what you are looking for.

Turn your imagination into a beautiful kitchen by seamlessly blending style with functionality.
Kitchen Styles

Classic style kitchens are timeless creations with all the essential features. These kitchens blend in seamlessly with the surroundings and offer sturdy, clean lines that are focused on functionality. Usually seen in classic colours, white and cream, these kitchens never go out of style.


Modern Kitchens, a popular choice, provide a sleek and contemporary look. These kitchens are highly elegant, low maintenance, and space-efficient. With the use of trendy colours, both light and bright, modern kitchens easily become the highlight of your home.


These country style kitchens have a personality that reflects a cosy and rustic setting. Glass fronted cabinets and open shelves let you display your precious crockery collection. True to traditional country style, these kitchens also come with timber cabinetry and a large timber dining table.


Industrial style kitchens are marked by an unfinished look, like that of a warehouse. With a highly efficient working environment and raw brick textures, these kitchens are effortlessly modern. They are usually designed in dark colours to give an industrial look and feel.


Luxury style kitchens are synonymous with opulence and grandeur. With oversized spaces, painted doors, veneer panels, and marble bench tops, these spaces add glamour to your home. Most luxury kitchens also come with a butler’s pantry to separate the cooking and cleaning area from the entertainment area.

Kitchen Layouts - Optimising Spaces

This is an ideal layout for people who love entertaining around the kitchen. The Island layout lets you enjoy the company of your guests while you whip up a delicious meal.


This layout works wonderfully in kitchens where multiple cooks work at the same time. The great part about this layout is its flexibility, it fits into both narrow and wide spaces.


Perfect for medium-to-large spaces, this layout creates plenty of circulation area in the kitchen. You can also include a dining table within the kitchen in this layout.


Created for compact spaces, this layout is an ideal option for family dining in the kitchen. The dining table also doubles up as a working space.


These kitchens are perfect for transforming narrow spaces in older apartments into fully functional units.


This is a very practical layout that focuses on optimising work and storage space in smaller kitchens. Enjoy the benefits of an island layout while occupying very little floor space.

With so many styles, layouts, and colours to choose from, planning your kitchen design can get a bit confusing. Our experts are here to help you find the solution that will work perfectly for your space. Reach out to us for a free design consultation and start creating your stylish kitchen.

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